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Advantages of residential property in Germany

Those marked with a (*) may apply mostly in the key areas (like Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg etc.)

  1. Most secure title transfer system
  2. Stable, steady market*
  3. Qualified tenants*
  4. High rental demand because of shortage of good apartments*
  5. Fixed interest rates up to 10 or 15 years on mortgages
  6. Very good building quality
  7. Very good infrastructure*
  8. High construction standards give value for money
  9. Title ownership of land (very seldom land is leased)
  10. Low annual land tax - and transferable to tenant in rental contract
  11. Depreciation of building against tax (rented property only)
  12. Transparency of all bills, annual accounting
  13. Good resale market*
  14. For individual owners, not companies: After 10 years of holding (on rented property) no tax on value profit when selling (at least that is per current law

To sum it up, investing into German property is one of the best ways to secure your money against inflation and other ills
Purchase or rent of real estate, houses, apartments in Germany: We are a full-service real estate agency in Germany's first ranks cities with almost a decade of experience handling both individual and commercial transactions between native Germans and expatriates from America, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, France, South Africa and many other countries. We know the business of real estate in our country and therefore we know what you NEED TO KNOW to accomplish a successful investment in real estate in Germany. And to smoothe your way, please be advised that we can speak your language. Our home office is located near Frankfurt International Airport and close to the European Central Bank.

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Rental prices have increased markedly in Germany over the last years. The most increase is in the good areas like Nordend, Bornheim, Westend, Bockenheim, and Sachsenhausen-north. Sachsenhausen south is affected by more air traffic and is suffering from falling interest of people to rent. This is not always justified cause as we noticed but the word of mouth is spreading amongst clients faster than the planes can fly....