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Historical publications by AllGrund 1997-2002

In the years 1997-2002 AllGrund published on a regular basis market informations and observations relating to investments into the German Real Estate market. These at the time were sent out to hundreds of visitors of the AllGrund Websites, which was later dropped because of the ever increasing spam mailings people were bothered with.

The team of editors and writers were experienced professionals in real estate business. As of 2003 until 2007 only english articles were published, to attract the interest of international investors for the fairly cheap property market in Germany. These articles you can find in the section about sales offers and publications further down this page.

Several of the historical publications have been translated as they may deliver an interesting study also to the foreign investor.

1-1997 Financial policy 1997 - or: are we getting fooled on a grand scale?
2-1997 What real estate property should I buy?
3-1997 Tax advantages in purchasing real estates - and how to use them optimally
4-1997 The real estate location - and how to evaluate an area correctly
5-1997 The real estate location II - What else should one pay attention to?
6-1997 Bargains of the special kind: listed properties
7-1997 How you make a real estate investment worthwhile
1-1998 Real Estates - Important benchmark data
2-1998 Good reasons that speak for purchasing a real estate property now
3-1998 Overview: How was the real estate market before the turnaround?
4-1998 Saying goodbye to D-mark - the end of a legend
5-1998 Real estates, shares, interest... What to do at the end of the year?
6-1998 Saving taxes - the big chance
7-1998 What the tax reform brings
1-9999: Real estate - buy or not buy?
3-1999 The situation on the Real Estate Market in autumn 1999
4-1999 Real estates in the third millennium
1-2000 How you put into Effect the best real property bargains now
2-2000 How to purchase real property with the highest yield
3-2000 Property Yield (continued)
4-2000 How to outsmart inflation
5-2000 Go Euro, go!
6-2000 Real estates on the upswing
1-2001 Top location: Rhein-Main
2-2001 Micro locations and how to choose the right individual location
3-2001 Notable price increase of real estates
4-2001 Real estates, the Euro and more
1-2002 Purchase real property now - pros and cons
2-2002 Locations and the development of the real estate market in 2002
3-2002 Planned tax reforms or: He who fells trees to reap their fruits

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Resources for Rentals

AllGrund has built up a large resource center for rental offers. Some of them you find directly at the AllGrund Site, some are at our rental sites:

The team of specialists also have compiled valuable informations especially for non-germans relocating to Germany and being in need of finding a home - and having to cope with complicated rules and regulations about renovations, deposits, agency fees and more. These guidelines will help you to orient yourself.

How to rent a house in Germany
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Rental offers

100100: 2 Bedroom Loft in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
100272: Two Bedrooms Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
100370: 1 Bedroom-Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
100390: Furnished three bedroom apartment in Kronberg
100420: 1 Bedroom flat Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
100440: Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment Westend Frankfurt
100450: Furnished 1 Bedroom in FrankfurtSachsenhausen at the River
100460: Furnished 2 Bedrooms Frankfurt Nordend
100480: 3 Bedroom flat in Hofheim Taunus
100490: Oberursel four Bedrooms
100530: Three Bedrooms furnished Frankfurt Westend
100550: Great 3 Bedroom flat at the Main River
100580: 1 Bedroom Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
100700: One Bedroom Apartment Frankfurt




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Important note: Any evaluations, advices and indications on our information and internet pages are mostly subjective evaluations and solely have the purpose of giving real estate investors a general orientation. They make no claim to be complete, right or constantly valid. Most real estate information is founded on conditions or legal regulations (taxes, regulations about apartment ownership, tenant’s rights and more) which might have been current or of interest for real estate buyers at the time the text was written. These conditions and legal foundations – especially also fiscal aspects – possibly have changed by now. Thus we recommend, before one does any property purchase, to get the current data on the real estate markets, tax- and other legal regulations and innovations, as far as these could be of importance to the objective and subjective success of the investment.