Fees and service charges for arrangement
of rental contracts in Germany


Furnished apartments or houses

For furnished apartments or houses the following charges are to be paid by the tenant or - if so arranged by the tenant or his company - by the company sending him to Frankfurt:

Rental duration shorter than 6 months: 1.19 month rent incl. VAT 19%

Rental duration more than 6 months: 2.38 months rent incl. VAT 19%

If the initial duration is extended, the difference to the higher rate will need to be charged at the point of extension.

If an apartment from another agency (shared deal) is being rented, the charge may be two months for any lease independent of length of stay.

Unfurnished apartments or houses

The charges are 2.38 the monthly rent
without utilities, incl. 19% VAT

No charge for showing and viewing apartments.

Charges are due at the time of signing the lease.

Any charges will be billed for regularly by the arranging agency. So make sure we know what address the invoice needs to be sent to.


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