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This easy-to-fill-in formsheet helps you and us to narrow down the search for the right apartment or house to rent. Use "TAB" button to go from question to question (not "enter" as this may launch the form). This form is a plain questionnaire. Important: Agency fee in Germany is due with rental contract signing at the date of signing. In Germany, such fees are to be paid by tenant or his company (if so agreed), not by landlord. The fee usually is 2.38 months net rent incl. 19% german VAT but may sometimes vary in individual cases of shorter rentals. Please make arrangements with your company according to these regulations.
We will quickly process your request. If you receive no reply within 48 hrs. pls send an email to "reminder(at)" to remind us.
Be sure to fill in as many data as possible as this speeds the search.
If possible add a phone number so we can contact you by phone if needed.

Note: We do not offer any apartments for short term like a week for the Messe (Trade fair exhibition).
Minimum rental periods are between 3 and 12 months depending on the apartment. Inquiries for shorter periods cannot be serviced.

Enter your apartment search profile (your text can be longer than the visible entry space)

These informations will be treated as confidential and not passed on to third parties without your consent

1. Your last name:

2. Your first name:

3. Title:

4. Your email address:

5. Your current residential address (City, ZIP-code, Country)

6. Street and number

7. Your cell phone (with Country code):

8. Your phone number at your office:

9. Your phone number at home:

10. What is your profession or job:

11. Where will you be working when here:

11a. Specify the company name, address or location:

12. What areas do you want to live in:

13. Specify cities or parts of town

14. Pls give more details as needed:

15. When will you arrive in our area:

16. When should the lease begin:

17. What is the probable length of lease:

18. What is your rental budget in Euro or other currency (pls specify)
(inclusive utilities):

19. What type of apartment or house are you looking for
(check all that may apply):

1 bedroom
2 bedrooms
3 bedrooms
4 and more bedrooms
Townhouse or semidetached
Detached home

20. Do you want furnished or unfurnished (pls mark):

Partly furnished

21. You may further specify the apartment or house needed here:

22. How many persons will live in the house or apartment in total:

23. Are you


24. Age of any children:

25. Any animals or pets that come with you
(pls specify which):

26. Inside the house, are you smoker or nonsmoker:

27. Your nationality or citizenship:

28. Is there anything else you consider
important for us to know?

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