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AllGrund is present on the Frankfurt market since several years. First established in 1997, the Websites have reached far over the world and informed many people about the real estate investment opportunities in Germany.

It was in spring 2000 when one of our clients pointed out to us, that a great many people who are non-german speaking and have little knowledge of the rental market in Frankfurt might be happy to have someone help them finding accomodation.

Ever since then our website offers a great number of apartments for rent, most of them with nice fotos that show how the house and flat look like, with a map showing where it is and with the specifics as to size, quality, furniture and rent.

Virtually dozens of people have contacted us ever since every week and wanting to get help on finding apartments, flats, short-term accomodation or long-term unfurnished housing.

And we helped many of those, successfully and so as to make them happy with their stay.

But we never summed up all the services that actually are included in our activities. And most of these services are free of charge - that is, the client only pays the home finders fee for the contract if he hired the agent, and a lot goes along that is extra.

Note that special extra services can be arranged as well and are charged either by the hour or as a package (marked with an asterisk*). A price quote will be given beforehand of taking any of the marked services. All other services named here which do not have an asterisk are free of extra charge and included in the home finders fee.

So here is a summary of what we do:

Did we forget to list something? Oh yes, of course we speak fluently english and are contactable via email, phone, cell phone and fax almost around the clock, six days a week.

Currently we have over fifty furnished apartments and houses in our "stock" with fotos, most of them rented out most of the time and only showing up for a short while on our website when they are available.

As the unfurnished apartments and houses are always rented out very quickly after they became available, we do not usually make fotos of them - because they then are rented out for several years usually.

We also offer a very very nice Boarding House for short-term stays like one to six months (the price per month is lower than one week Hotel at trade-fair times in Frankfurt) , and offer apartments from three months to several years tenancy, furnished and unfurnished.

Which regions do we cover?

Well, being familiar with Frankfurt since thirty years now, of course we cover Frankfurt first of all. That includes all areas inside the City. However, we also cover various sought-for locations around Frankfurt. Cities like Königstein, Bad Homburg und Oberursel (Frankfurt International School), Sindlingen, Kriftel, Hofheim, Höchst, Liederbach (Internationale Schule), Bad Soden, Kronberg, Neu-Isenburg, Dreieich (Strothoff International School), and Langen.

Some areas we cover sometimes but do not prefer. These are Offenbach, and all cities eastern of that.

So, whereever our clients want to be located, we will help them find the right accomodation.

What types of housing do we cover?

Virtually any size from one-room studios, small apartments with one or two rooms for one person, up to houses with six or more bedrooms.

Who can contact us?

Of course, any expatriats, any contractors from abroad, any person coming from overseas, from european or non-eu citizens. We have very happy clients from Australia to Canada, from the US to India, from Brazil to Norway, from Russia to the Fiji Islands.

How to our clients find us?

It is remarkable that we rarely need to place any advertizements in newspaper, and work without any banner ads in other internet sides (we are disliking banners ourselves as a distraction from the main issue...)

Instead, we are listet in all major search engines.

But a lot of clients come from other happy clients - better than 50% are recommendation contacts.

We are company-independent. That is, we do not owe specific quotas to be met to any other company. Neither on the client-side - although big companies, banks, computer firms, use our services regularly, we never concentrate on one customer alone. And not on the owner-side. That is, from all the apartments we offer, which are based on good, established contacts to landlords, administrations and owners, we might be able to offer what the client is looking for - or not. But if not, we go one step further and search to find what he needs or wants.

So, all in all there is virtually nothing around the subject of housing, rentals or accomodation which we cannot assist with.

And apart from rentals, we also have sold flats to people from abroad who wanted to live here but rather buy, or who seeked investment property for rental return, and successfully so. This subject is extensively covered on various other websites.








Or simply call or email us in case what you are looking for is not listed here:

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